Shadow Siege is a free, immersive text-based roleplaying game commonly referred to as a "MUD". For those that play table top roleplaying games, they may find a lot of similarities towards these in "Muds".

A mud is a game that a number of players, can interact and roleplay with other players in real time. A MUD also has the added dimension of simulated physical space. Your character has a body with attributes like strength, agility and health and you can explore the MUD world with movement commands.

If you have never played a MUD before and are worried about starting up and getting overwhelmed, don't worry. We have staff and helpful players who are there to help you get started. So, give it a go! It is a wonderful way to spend your free time--but beware, for mudding and Shadow Siege can be amazingly addictive.

Shadow Siege is a specialised type of mud in that it is roleplay enforced. This means that the focus is not to go out and kill anything that moves, but rather to develop your character over time through roleplay and interactions with other characters. We focus very heavily on creative writing and provide many outlets for our players to develop their characters.

So give it a go. If you're new to Shadow Siege, probably the best place to start is here. This will walk you through setting up a client, creating an account, and creating a character. You can then work through the numerous guides in the OOC Info section of the menu. Once in game, you will have access to communication channels which you can use to ask questions of both players and staff. There are also forums where you can ask questions and find more resources.